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TypeError — Identity Framework

Error #0


Argument 3 passed to Identity\Template::getPostThumbnailUrl() must be of the type int, null given, called in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 6

At method:throw TypeError()
Called in:/wp-content/themes/idty/Idty/Identity/Template.php
On line:786
At method:Identity\Template::getPostThumbnailUrl()
Called in:/wp-content/themes/boerengolf/template-parts/page-heading.php
On line:6
At method:require(string)
Called in:/wp-includes/template.php
On line:732
At method:load_template()
Called in:/wp-includes/template.php
On line:676
At method:locate_template()
Called in:/wp-includes/general-template.php
On line:204
At method:get_template_part()
Called in:/wp-content/themes/idty/archive.php
On line:14
At method:include(string)
Called in:/wp-includes/template-loader.php
On line:106
At method:require_once(string)
Called in:/wp-blog-header.php
On line:19
At method:require(string)
Called in:/index.php
On line:17

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