Have you ever played Farmersgolf?

There are many Farmersgolf™ courses in the Netherlands. The Farmersgolf™ course consists of 10 holes laid out in the pastures around the farm. The aim is to put the ball into the holes in as few strokes as possible.

With a special wooden golf club fixed with a club head in the shape of a wooden shoe, visitors may try to put the bright colored Farmersgolf™ ball in the holes around the pasture which are marked with numbered flags. Cows, ditches, barb wire or a farm cart represent the obstacles to test the skill and cleverness of each player in the team. Farmersgolf™ can be played by young and old and is therefore the perfect (family) getaway.

Ranking (strokes)

Mart Groeneweg 65
Ruud Jansen 66
Hans Fransen 66
Judith de Jong 67
Klaas Vriezen 67
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