Farmersgolf® from the start

It originated from a cheese farm run by Peter Weenink in Lievelde, a small village in the Achterhoek region of the Netherlands. Farmersgolf™ was first played on the pastures of this farm with neighbors of creator Peter Weenink on the 1st day of Easter in 1999. First on a 18-hole course. Since then, the game has grown into an international sport and been further perfected. But one thing has remained the same: the sport is a lot of fun. Anyone can participate.
The idea and creation
“Often frustration is the driving force for solving a problem or fulfilling a wish. My wish was to play a game of golf on a large golf course. But without a big wallet of money or membership and no golf certificate, you will not be allowed access. A frustration was born. ”

“Every creative person possesses ingenuity. And once at home I thought: land is not the problem. Having a farm ensures there is plenty of it. Only those little golf balls can’t be retrieved in a pasture where cows are walking. The solution: a bigger ball. Creating and maintaining a ‘green’, takes a lot of time and makes golf expensive. At Farmersgolf™ the course is the pasture. And a hole? It’s made up quickly by placing a milk bucket in the ground marked by a flag!”

Ranking (strokes)

Mart Groeneweg 65
Ruud Jansen 66
Hans Fransen 66
Judith de Jong 67
Klaas Vriezen 67
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