Rules of the Game

Farmersgolf™  is a ball game where at the tee (marked with a blue flag) a leather ball of 14 centimeters diameter is launched in the direction of a hole marked with a red flag by hitting it using a Farmersgolf™ club. The hole consists of a ø 20 cm bucket dug into the ground. The aim of Farmersgolf™ is to put the ball into the bucket in as few strokes as possible. A Farmersgolf™ course usually has 10 holes.

  • At Farmersgolf™ two teams compete.
  • A team consists of up to 5 people.
  • Each team has their own ball and a Farmersgolf™ club (a golfstick with a clog)
  • The group furthest away from the Hole plays first.
  • In a team, players take turns in succession.
  • The game or a match commences with a tee off.
  • Team 1 tees off followed by team 2.
  • The ball furthest away from the Hole will be played first.
  • The ball may be moved the length of a club, provided that the ball isn’t placed nearer to the hole. A hole is achieved when the ball ends up in the bucket. Proceeding from a hole, the ball will be placed 4 meters in the direction of the next hole.
  • The number of strokes are recorded on the match form or in the free Farmersgolf™-App. The match form will contain the names of the team members. Below the hole numbers (1 to 10), the number of strokes per hole are tracked by tally. The team with the least strokes wins.

Game options
Farmersgolf™ can also be played individually. Each player has a Farmersgolf™ club and Farmersgolf™ ball. Again, the goal is to complete the Farmersgolf™ course in as few strokes as possible. The player records their own score and usually their opponent’s as well.

Competitions and matches
Matches and competitions are held at several locations in the Netherlands and beyond, see match calendar.

Popular game options
For special occasions, business trips or children’s parties, game options are offered. Check out the possibilities and arrangements.
Farmersgolf™ materials and gadgets
(Purchase material for individuals and not for commercial use. Prices include VAT, excluding shipping costs)